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Don’t bother asking a grumpy old guy. He’ll be rude and tell you what he thinks anyway.

Recently, a neighbor asked about the wisdom of cutting a tree that was leaning against what she thought might be a power line.  Here’s my response: undefined  

It’s never a good idea to touch anything resting on a power line.  If the line is charged, there’s a good chance that you could be badly shocked.    Even if the line is dead or a low voltage line, it’s under a lot of tension and has  a lot of potential energy stored up. Think “spring’.After Hurricane Kate, a group of neighbors decided to cut the 10 inch oak tree that had fallen on the phone line at the top of “Incredibly Steep Hill.  The phone line hadn’t snapped but was under a lot of tension.  Six or 8 of us got on the tree; half on one side of the phone line and half on the other. One brave soul started up his chain saw and said, “Get ready y’all” as he moved toward the tree. He got about  7/8’s of the way through the tree before there was a loud cracking sound and the tree started reacting to the energy of the string.  It flew up in the air taking the chain saw and the guy holding on to it, up and over,  into a sort of summersault.  Somehow the chain saw managed to land without cutting off anybody’s foot.  The rest of us were tossed to either side of the tree. The guy who did the flip landed pretty hard.  I can’t remember if he passed out but I do remember that he was acting weird enough that he agreed to go to the ER.  So no, don’t go all do-it-yourself on overhead utilities.  If it’s a power line, or if you’re not sure, call the power company.  If it’s telephone or cable TV, call those folks.  Of course, if it’s sparking and you’re worried about the woods catching on fire, call 911.  Image source:  Wikimedia commons.      

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