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When a Warranty is Really a Warranty – Fan-Tastic Vent


Say “hello” to my tiny travel trailer and it’s Fan-Tastic ceiling vent. I’ve been a camper my whole life. I’ve slept in tiny tents that I carried on my bike and big community tents that took a day to erect. A few years ago, I added a travel trailer to my fleet. It’s tiny and some people think it’s cute. It’s one of 67 built by a company with a good idea but not enough capital.

My trailer is made out of insulated fiberglass. Here in Florida, good ventilation is helpful. That brings up my fan. Like most RV’s, my tiny trailer has this cool skylight/vent/ceiling fan. The vent in my trailer is a “Fan-tastic Vent”. It’s a clever design, using simple and commonly available parts. My fan has a screen, can suck or blow, has multiple speeds and a temperature sensor. Other models have different features.

I’m at least the 3rd owner of my trailer and perhaps even the 4th. I’ve owned the trailer for a few years and being built in the 90’s, you’ld think that any warranties would have long since expired. Imagine my surprise then when the motor in my fan failed. I called the company, talked to a very knowledgeable customer support technician who asked a few questions, sent me off to try an easy fix, and then determined that a new motor and fan would be required. He took my contact information and said that a replacement unit would arrive in a few days. “Do you want my credit card information?”, I asked. “No,” the technician replied, “The fan is covered under a lifetime warranty”. I’m totally amazed and feeling lucky to have discovered a company that truly stands behind their products.

You can find that Fantastic Fan website at:

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Rate Beer y’all.

I’ve checked into most of the social networking sites over the years and am active to varying degrees in different ones. One that I especially enjoy is It’s a site where members rate and discuss beers, breweries, places that serve beer and places that sell beer. It’s a wonderful site. Here’s my most recent post, on what happens to be my favorite beer.

Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio

This is absolutely my favorite beer on the planet. It comes from a tiny museum/brewery in Brussels Belgium. I find one now and then in my travels. I haven’t been to Europe much lately (that pesky devalued dollar and all) but found this one in April of 2007 in a grocery store in the Yokohama Japan train station. That little bottle had quite a ride until it got to my belly in a home on a dirt road in North Florida.

This is an incredibly well balanced guezue with palate that is quite dry but not offensively so. Smell is so subjective. Either you love or it reminds you of a sheep pen. I love but then I kind of like the smells of a barnyard so take that at what it’s worth. It poured a beautiful amber with a very tiny and quickly evaporating head. It’s an amazing beer.

I was a little worried about how this bottle had fared on it’s long journey. Fear not, pilgrim. It was just as tasty as it was when I drank a bottle in Antwerp a few years ago that had had a much shorter trip.

This bottle came with the makenpis statue on the label and a Japanese label (with barcode) pasted on the back. If you have a chance to try this beer, you owe it to yourself, even if you don’t think you like lambic’s.