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Loafing on a Saturday

It’s been a long week and I even went into work for a bit this morning. It’s time to loaf. My favorite kind of loaf is turkey loaf. In honor of my brother Steve, who’s going to be older next weekend while I’m out-of-town, I’m cooking a delicious turkey loaf. Here’s my recipe:

turkey loaf

This image is by a flickr user with a trademarked user name. It’s covered under a Creative Commons license. Mine looked a bit different but I’m too lazy tonight to get my own photo together.

Start with ground turkey. The quantity is up to you. Put it in a mixing bowl and add bread crumbs (I like panko for the better texture), an egg, some hard grated cheese, some fresh herbs (today I used tarragon, rosemary and cilantro), chopped up green pepper, scallion, onion (I did a big Vidalia)

Chop everything up as big or as little as you want. Mix it up as much or as little as you want. Add salt and pepper but go easy. It’s not a good idea to taste raw turkey.

Put it into some sort of baking pan. For tonight, I’m using a French ceramic casserole pan with a cover. I checked two sources for the appropriate internal temperature. A professional cook told me 155 degrees F. A cooking web site told me 165. You should make your own decision about that.

It’s guaranteed to be yum.


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  1. Serena May 17th, 2008 6:07 pm

    Sounds delicious but since I am a pescatarian I wonder if I could make it with some kind of seafood instead of turkey kind of like a giant salmon patty or crab cake.



  2. admin May 17th, 2008 7:40 pm

    I make crab cakes out of mostly crab with some crushed up saltine crackers and a little bit of mayo to hold it all together. Fry in what you like. I usually use a combination of olive oil and something else. Don’t waste expensive EVOO on frying. 2nd or 3rd press is just fine.

    The “something else” is often butter or toasted sesame oil.

    I fry the cakes over a medium hot fire. The idea, as far as I’m concerned, is to heat up the insides and give the outside a bit of a crust.

    I usually serve with cocktail sauce (ketchup, fresh horseradish, some kind of sour citrus, hot sauce).

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